LoboCash is the way to pay for everything you need on campus! From food and beverage locations around campus, purchasing textbooks at the UNM Bookstores, or buying supplies at the SRC Corner Store, LoboCash is all you need to carry, and it's right there on your LoboCard. LoboCash is easy and convenient. Make purchases on campus without carrying cash, debit, or credit cards.

Your LoboCash is available to use as soon as you make a deposit into your account. LoboCash is the convenient, cashless way to pay for your purchases on campus and participating locations around Albuquerque. To use it, simply deposit money into your LoboCash account. The balance will decline with each purchase you make. Purchases may be made with LoboCash by presenting your LoboCard for payment.

(To reduce the risk of fraud, keyboard entry of card information is prohibited.)

LoboCash balances roll over each semester and each year while you are affiliated with UNM. When you graduate or terminate your employment, you may request a refund of any remaining balance.
(Balances less than $10 will not be refunded.)

LoboCash is debt-free, worry-free, and hassle-free. Because your LoboCard is not a credit card, you never have to worry about racking up debts or receiving surprise bills at the end of the semester.

Your LoboCash is safe to use and safe to carry. If the card is lost or stolen, you can suspend activity online 24/7.

Adding funds to your LoboCash account:

Online with any major credit card: Parents/Faculty/Staff/Students add LoboCash online via Add LoboCa$h Now.

By phone with any major credit card: Call the LoboCard Office at 505-277-9970.

By mail with a check: Send the check to the address below:
LoboCard Office, room 1067 in the SUB, Plaza Level, UNM Main Bookstore or Medical/Legal Bookstore.
Make checks payable to The University of New Mexico, and include the student ID number on the check.

In Office: In person with cash, a check, or any major credit card.

LoboCash requests using UNM department funds:

Departments purchasing LoboCash using UNM department funds as payment will need to receive UNM Unrestricted Accounting approval prior to processing.

To begin a LoboCash order, fill out the UNM Unrestricted Accounting approval form titled "LoboCash Request for Purchase". Once the request is approved, the LoboCard Office will prepare the order for pick up and JV the purchase to the provided department index and account code. There is a $2 per LoboCash card issued fee applied to all departmental orders.

LoboCard Pricing

Initial LoboCard
Lost/Stolen Card
Damaged Card
*Current card must be turned in.
Name Changes
*Current card must be turned in.