Expired Card

A Lobo ID Card does not expire but a faculty, staff or student’s record in banner may expire if they depart the University, making the individual ineligible to receive a new or replacement card. If you are still associated with UNM and your LoboCard is expired, please visit the LoboCard Office.

After one year a patron is welcome to visit the LoboCard Office to have a new picture taken and a new UNM ID card issued for free. The old card must be submitted at this time or a lost/stolen card fee will apply of $30. A damaged replacement card is $10.

Gift cards holding LoboCash, commonly known as LoboCash Cards, are noted with an expiration date on the back of the card by Federal Law. The card does not have to expire. It can be allowed to be active indefinitely. The note on the back of these gift cards is a consumer protection law enacted in the 1990’s to inform consumers that their gift card may expire if not used. We generally do not expire the gift cards we issue.

LoboCard Pricing

Initial LoboCard
Lost/Stolen Card
Damaged Card
*Current card must be turned in.
Name Changes
*Current card must be turned in.