What is LoboCa$h?

LoboCa$h is the way to pay . . . for everything you need on campus! From eating at La Posada to having a snack at the Student Union Building, from purchasing textbooks at the UNM Bookstores to buying supplies at the SRC Corner Store, LoboCa$h is all you need to carry, and it's right there on your LoboCard.

Your LoboCard carries LoboCa$h as soon as you make a deposit into your account. LoboCa$h is the convenient, cashless way to pay for your purchases on campus. To use it, simply deposit money into your LoboCa$h account. The balance will decline with each purchase you make.  Purchases made with LoboCa$h should be accomplished by presenting your LoboCard for payment.  To reduce the risk of fraud, keyboard entry of card information is prohibited!

LoboCa$h is easy and convenient. There's no need to carry cash, checks, ATM cards, or credit cards.

LoboCa$h balances roll over each semester and each year while you are associated with UNM. When you graduate or terminate your employment, you can request a refund of any remaining balance (balances less than $10 will not be refunded).

LoboCa$h is debt-free, worry-free, and hassle-free. Because your LoboCard is not a credit card, you never have to worry about racking up debts or receiving surprise bills at the end of the semester.

Your LoboCa$h is safe to use and safe to carry. If the card is lost or stolen, you can suspend activity online 24/7 (you'll need to create a log-in -- see upper right corner of the page).

Add money to your LoboCa$h account:

Online with any major credit card: Parents/Students just click to LoboCa$h Quick Deposit. By phone with any major credit card: A $5 convenience fee is charged for LoboCa$h deposits made by phone. Call the LoboCard Office at 505-277-9970. By mail with a check: Send the check to the address in the left column of this page. In person with cash, a check, or any major credit card, go to one of these locations: LoboCard Office, room 1077 in the SUB, Plaza Level, UNM Main Bookstore or Medical/Legal Bookstore.

Make checks payable to The University of New Mexico, and include the student ID number on the check.

Cash-2-Card terminals in the Libraries (Centennial, Fine Arts, HSLIC, Parish, Zimmerman) and now in the Law Library on north campus!

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Need to request a LoboCa$h refund? Click here! Please read the instructions at the top of the page.

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